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DCIF Partner’s Affiliated Companies

DCIF identifies Lower Middle Market Impact Companies with rapid growth-potential and provides them with the capital and Management and Business Development support needed to take full advantage of the 4IR Capacity at the lower middle market size.

AirTM is a peer to peer exchange from different currencies using Bitcoin as a hedge to serve as the first entrance for digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies will dominate the economy in some years, AirTM will be the winner in developing

Global payments API  platform and technology that allows making payments across the globe. Arcus technology will allow for ease and rapid client integration vs. competitors.

Reinventing the world of fintech with a revolutionary platform enabling brands to lend to customers through lending as a service. Provides affordable credit options (i.e. loans) for financially underserved non-prime, creditworthy individuals in the U.S., specifically focused on low-income areas.

Provides funding directly to small businesses and consumers through an automated lending platform. Leverages data generated through business activity such as accounting data, online sales, and other sources to understand performance and deliver funding in real time.

Provides liquid and non-hazardous waste collection, transportation, processing, recycling, reclamation, and disposal services throughout the United States. Ultimately, giving companies more time to manage the business by spending less time managing waste.

MPOWER is the only US-based lender offering student loans to international students studying in the US or Canada without requiring a co-signer, collateral, or US credit history because our proprietary credit algorithm focuses on future potential.

Produces food for schools and families across the United States. It offers ready-to-eat meals for lunch, after-school snack, on-the-go boost, and before and after sports refreshments. The company offers its products through grocery stores.

Connects pre-credentialed nurses directly with healthcare facilities to fill empty shifts and instantly aim to reduce critical nursing shortage. This disruptive tech platform is a favorite among hospitals and managers for its ability to save time and money, increase contract talent pool, view profiles and provide ratings for available candidates.

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